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This is my submission for the GDC Dev Chill Jam. This is my first solo game so there's a lot that could be changed/added but this was still very fun. :) All art assets for this game are original.  There is currently only one demo level.

How to Play:

This is a simple platformer game. It is meant to be peaceful, and there is no way to die.

Use A and D to move left and right, and space to jump. 

Use K for the freeze spell. Anything that is red can be frozen. Freeze things in order to create platforms to jump on. Objects that have been frozen will thaw after a few seconds.

Use keys to unlock portals to the next level.

Bugs/Things To Work On:

Please feel free to give me feedback on my game! That being said, here are some issues that I am already aware of:

  • Sometimes, the player will get stuck when changing directions on any sort of incline. For now, jump in place to get un-stuck, but I will need to fix that.
  • If you freeze something while standing on it, you will get stuck in the object, and have to wait for the object to thaw before you can move again.
  • There are sections in the map that you can fall into that are very difficult to get out of. It is possible by jumping on part of the pillar that juts out, but it's very finicky right now.
  • There is no current way to quit the game while in the level besides using alt+tab. Later I will make a menu when you press esc.
  • I need to work on making more levels with varied gameplay and puzzles.

Thank you all for looking at my game! Have fun

Install instructions

Unzip the file and double click Miss Frost.exe to play.


Miss Frost.zip 23 MB

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